ATTENTION: If You Own A Training Business This May Be The Most Valuable Letter You Will Ever Read...
"Discover The Complete, Plug-And-Play Supplement Sales System For Maximizing Client Results And Dramatically Increasing Your Business Profits."
"Gain Instant Access To The Ultimate Supplement Sales System That Can Add Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars To Your Bottom Line!”
Dear Fellow Fitness Pro,

Did you know that over 219 Million adults are purchasing nutritional supplements in the United States each year? Or that over 21 Billion Dollars is spent yearly on nutritional supplements alone?

In fact, if you do a quick search on Google you’ll find over 8,110,000 results for companies selling nutritional supplements.

Let’s face it, when it comes to weight loss people think of diet or nutrition long before they consider working out… and in most cases, supplements are on the tip of ever consumers tongue when it comes to weight loss. How many times have you been asked by a client or prospect which supplements they should be taking? I'm sure more times than you can count!

But in spite of knowing that their clients and prospects are investing (often, heavily) in buying nutritional supplements… most fitness professionals settle for watching folks go elsewhere to spend their money for vitamins and supplements, instead of having a solution readily available to purchase supplements in their business.
Not only is this approach dramatically limiting their clients' success but it’s costing them tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue
Now I know what you may be thinking...

…”my clients already get their supplement products elsewhere. They won't change now.”

…”supplement sales are not a good fit for my business model.”

…”I don’t have time to add supplement sales to my business.”

No... No... NO!

Think about it for a second...

Your clients are already buying supplements somewhere... But they already trust you or they wouldn't be training with you to begin with... And it's human nature for people to be lazy and do what is easiest for them.

So, it makes 100% sense that supplement sales ARE a good fit for your business model...

...AND you NEED to make the time to provide supplements for your clients...

And because it is human nature for people to be lazy, it is only common sense that they would prefer to make their supplement purchases from you rather than making another stop on the way home.

Well, since all of those things are true,  what I’m going to share with you will help you get your clients to make supplement purchases from you, is going to be a great fit for your business model without taking a lot of additional time to your busy work schedule…

… and very significantly increase your profits.

Hi, My name is Rick Streb and over the past few years I've developed a reputation as the go-to person when it comes to teaching fit pros how to seamlessly integrate $100K+ nutrition revenue streams into their businesses.
And one of the easiest to implement, if not the easiest, is supplement sales! 

Hands down!

Now, for the first time ever I'm releasing my unique supplement sales system and profit center in ready-to-use format, complete with all the components and tools you need to immediately implement into your own business and start getting your clients even better results and putting more income in your pocket.
"Your Biggest Differentiator"
Integrating a true supplement sales system into your business is hands down one of the biggest differentiators you have at your disposal as a fitness business owner.
While there are new health clubs popping up on almost every corner and no shortage of gyms and people offering cheap bootcamp workouts… none of them have an easy-to-implement supplement sales system that actively markets regularly and consistently to consumers. For the majority of fitness clubs, supplement sales is a very passive endeavor.

No wonder why very few fit pros make substantial income with supplement sales!

If you can deliver a complete solution that gives someone everything they need to get the results they want instead of just holding workouts or renting them access to equipment, you can stand out from the crowd. You can now truly become a “Category of One” when it comes to fitness businesses in your community…and integrating the proven Ultimate Supplement Sales System will allow you to do that.
"Your Clients Will Automatically Start Getting Better Results”
When you start integrating a true Nutrition Solution your clients will start seeing results faster than they ever thought possible. They’ll have a clearer path so they’re more likely to be stick to it, they’ll have some ‘skin in the game’ so they’ll be far more compliant than if you just gave them some free information and once their nutrition is tightened up and they start feeling better and more energetic…they’ll get even more from their training sessions with you.

In short, you’ll go from delivering the best training in your area to delivering the best results in your area.
"You’ll Get Buy In From The Minute They Join Your Program"
When you enroll a new client, they come to you with a specific desired result in mind and they’re finally ready to take action to achieve it.

If you leave their nutritional supplementation to chance or just give them some vague, general guidelines you risk losing that momentum they have instead of building on it and being the leader and coach they need to achieve all of their health and fitness goals.

When you integrate a true Nutrition And Supplement Solution into their program, you've now added that final piece to the puzzle and, combined with your training program and expert coaching, giving them everything they need to get the results they want.

And if you do this on Day 1, you've truly maximized their likelihood of success.
“Better Nutrition Equals Better Business”
When your clients start getting even better results fast, they become true ambassadors for your business.

They become walking, talking billboards for what you do.

You’ve got incredible ‘Before and Afters’ to use in your marketing.

Retention goes through the roof.

And when they start to see the fat melting away faster than they could have ever imagined, they start sharing their experiences with others and referrals skyrocket.

Plus once everyone in your gym is seeing great results, the entire culture changes. The energy jumps. The experience that new clients come into is like nothing they’ll see anywhere else…and you and your team will love coming to work every day knowing that this is what you’re walking into.
"Supplement Sales Is Your Untapped Goldmine”
I mentioned the numbers earlier. Over 21 Billion Dollars are spent each year on nutritional supplements alone.

Your clients are investing in supplements. It’s Guaranteed.

The question is ‘are they investing in nutrition with you?’

As a smart and savvy fitness professional, you know that few if any of your clients come to you just for a workout.

They come to you for a result!

And they’re already investing with you to achieve that result…so it’s almost a lock that if you integrate another offering that will help them look and feel the way they want to look and feel even faster – they’ll be willing to invest a little more to make that happen.

How much more? 

As little as 10 clients a month can bring in an additional $3096.  If you have a facility where 50 clients are adding supplements to their program you are looking at $15,400 in additional revenue coming from just this one profit center. 

You could add anywhere from a few thousand dollars a year to your bottom line with an almost completely hands off profit center to tens to an extra $50,000 per year or more with a Supplement Sales System.
"So Why Share The Ultimate Supplement System Now?”
Well, after hundreds of conversations and really diving into about every type of training business you could imagine, it all came down to a meeting I was at in Louisville Kentucky.  I was at Pat Rigsby's online entrepreneur mastermind and so was Jayson Hunter, the owner of JayLab Pro.  I knew of Jayson for many years, but we had never really connected or got to know each other.  About halfway through this mastermind meeting Pat turned to me and said, "You and Jayson need to be working together." 

Yep... I've got to give credit where it's due. Pat Rigsby pointed out the obvious to both Jayson and me.

Jayson and I sat down and really got to know each other, realizing that our philosophies and beliefs about nutrition and supplements were a mirror image of each other. But more importantly, that is when we discovered that Jayson and I were the missing pieces to each other's puzzle of how any fitness professional can turn supplement sales into a high 5-figure profit center. See, we were literally trying to create the same thing, but taking different routes to the same end goal.

Over the next few months, we worked tirelessly together to create what we felt was as close to the perfect system for selling nutritional supplements. We left no stone unturned, and married two very good systems to create what we truly consider the Ultimate Supplement Sales System.

We've literally created a system where EVERYTHING is done for you.

Then we created a beta group of fitness professionals to test out the systems we created, and the results have been everything that we expected.

Jayson and I are able to feel confident that the Ultimate Supplement Sales System is completely dialed in so that it can easily be plugged into any type of training business.

And selfishly, I must admit that after 27 years working in the fitness industry, I knew that helping high level fitness professionals integrate effective Nutrition and Supplements programming into their businesses to better separate themselves from the myriad of mediocre (or downright bad) fitness businesses was the legacy I wanted to be known for.
Here is What You Get In The Ultimate Supplement Sales System...
In the Ultimate Supplement Sales System you get our Complete, Turn Key Blueprints for integrating a supplement-based profit center into your training business. I've broken each of these blueprints down into easy to follow modules and provided you with all of the tools that you need to immediately put any (or all) of them into action in your business.

Proven Marketing Documents and Templates...


No need to reinvent the wheel – we’ve done all the work!

We share EVERYTHING that works for us.

Thousands of dollars worth of marketing material.

When done right, strategic supplement marketing is a game-changer for a fitness business? 

I can only imagine what this blueprint will generate for you. 

At this point, I guarantee that this blueprint is proven to the point of perfection. 

Lead Capture Squeeze Pages...

Half a dozen different lead capture pages to build your email list.

Topics your clients are interested in our looking to solve!

Reports and follow up sequences that sell FOR you!

I'm sure you've heard all of the top fitness gurus tell you, "The money is in the list." It's 100% true. And the truth is, it's easier than you think to grow your email list... with the right tools. 

We're giving you our best lead generation offers to help you build YOUR list as quickly as possible. Just copy and deploy. It doesn't get much easier than that.

More importantly, a stable of solid lead generation tools establishes you as the go-to nutrition expert in your community, positions you to deliver world-class results , and allows you to charge what you're worth and get it.

Over 156 Results-Producing, Pre-Written Emails...

Copy-and-paste emails, waiting for your to employ. All you have to do is schedule them in your email delivery service.

Takes the “Guess Work” out of how to craft the right email.

Completely done for you. 

Just copy and paste.

Better yet... You can repurpose this same content in so many different platforms... Social media posts, blog posts, and more.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The interaction and engaging nature of this format allows your clients and prospects to feel at ease and involved in the process. It also builds trust and they can see that you actually care about their individual needs. 

Done For You Meal Plans...

These meal plans are brandable so you can have your own meal plans program to sell as your own!

Change and edit the meal plans as you see fit.

Add recipes to really make it your own.

Entice visitors with a special offer!

Use in various transformation contests.

Over 175 Plug & Play Resources Immediately Available and Ready to Brand with Your Company Logo.

=> Video lessons
=> Protocols and implementation checklists
=> Sample sales pages
=> Prospect email series
=> Motivational email series
=> Clickfunnels share links

Now I Have 3 Words For You:
Unbelievable Signup Bonuses
(That’s right… Plural!)
Jayson and I want to make sure you put these tools to use in your business right away.  So, we're also adding these awesome bonus services to ensure your success.

BONUS #1: Weekly Group Coaching Sessions To Ensure Your Success...

Jayson and I share EVERYTHING on these Group Coaching Calls! 

What is working and what isn’t. Best practices to ensure your success.

Have questions? We answer them for you as well as provide an action plan that you can immediately implement.

Additionally, as an Ultimate Supplement Sales System member you have the ability to market having a Registered Dietitian on your staff

Because of your membership in the Ultimate Supplement Sales System, Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS is an extension of your team and you have him at your disposal to ensure your clients succeed and have all their questions answered.  

BONUS #2: 30-Minute Coaching Strategy Session...

We will get on the phone, Skype, or a personal webinar and work one-on-one with you to develop a master action plan that clearly states your goals, defines the steps you need to get there, and implement the strategies immediately.

We want to fast-track your road to success and ensure you are making money as quickly as possible.

BONUS #3: Pro Diets Professional Weight Management Software FREE for 30 Days...

I'm offering you the ability to use Pro Diets Professional Weight Management Software free for 30 days and see exactly why it is the engine that runs my entire business.

Though it’s not a necessity for your success, Pro Diets is an invaluable tool that allows me to separate my business from everyone else in town, and in the country for that matter. 

And after seeing how it single-handedly transformed my business into a money-making nutrition machine, if you don't want to continue simply let me know and you will NEVER be charged for it.

While everyone else is providing one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter meal plans, eBooks and "recommended foods" lists that are really no different than anyone else gives away, you will be providing individually-customized RD-designed and approved meal plans to each and every client.

So instead of being one of the many, you are instantly positioned as the Category of One.

And whether you've never used Pro Diets before or had little success with it previously, we are going to show you EXACTLY how to use Pro Diets the right way… as the tool that leads people right through your nutrition sales funnel.

This software system includes:

** Over 80 different meal plan templates
** Customizable to your clients needs and goals
** Registered Dietitian-designed and approved meal plans
** Great retention tool with clients who fall off and no longer              want to train or be a member
** Integrates perfectly with the Ultimate Supplement Sales System

With this secret little plug & play tool, you can sell nutrition as a monthly recurring service and let it run on auto-pilot. 

Why limit yourself to only your training clients and prospects? 

I've gotten a lot of clients because they first bought nutrition services online from me and then left a competitor’s gym to train with me. 

Pretty cool, isn't it?

And to top it off, we will show you EXACTLY how to make money with it.

See What Other Fit Pros Are Saying About The Ultimate Supplement Sales System...

"I have made $43,960 in commissions using this system…!"

The Ultimate Sales System is a done for you, plug in play way to make extra money by recommending quality supplements from a brand you can trust.  Your clients are spending money on supplements anyway, but they often are not educated in what to buy, or what company to trust.  The Ultimate Sales System and JayLab Pro take care of that for you.

I love how easy it is to implement.  I don't like inundating my audience with sales pitches. This isn't what you're doing with the Ultimate Supplement Sales System.  You are simply sharing quality content and articles with your audience and making money doing so.

Rick and Jayson have done all of the hard work for us...all we have to do is present the information to our clients.

Scott Colby

"Dig Into This Program Before Rick and Jayson Come to Their Senses and Quadruples the Price to What It's REALLY Worth."

The Ultimate Supplement Sales System is a uniquely effective way of introducing (in my case) your business into the Supplement sales market. 

I have been a coach for over 15 years, and there have been other “systems” that I’ve been a part of that tell you about their products and essentially you are on your own when it comes to systemic marketing and introduction of these products into your business’s culture. 

As a result they usually fail. Not true with USSS, I already see interest that is being created in my gym and I’m able to sell a great product without sacrificing my ethics. 

The toughest part of introducing a product line, in my opinion is be able to do so without disrupting the culture that you have worked so hard to develop. With Ultimate Supplement Sales System, there is not only a method for doing so, but it is done for you! 

Oftentimes in the past you have a limited amount of customer support, with Ultimate Supplement Sales System support is essentially unlimited, as a matter of fact having direct access to Rick and Jayson has been invaluable. 

There is never a question of what to do next, it’s all laid and presented to you when you need it. You have a plan to follow and then it’s up to you to hustle and implement it. 

The “done for you" content has been priceless. As a busy gym owner I don’t have time to reinvent the wheel concerning content. Jayson does it better than I do anyway. 

You’re not only missing out on a lucrative income stream, but you’re also and more importantly able to provide a service to your clients that they will seek elsewhere from people that don’t necessarily care about them as much as you do. You owe it to your clients and to yourself.

Shaun Jones

"What can I say about The Ultimate Supplement Sales System? Just WOW! "

I started my large group training business about 8½ years ago. Over all - the 2 biggest struggles I have had day in and out every year is systemization, and creating a residual income from nutrition.

The Ultimate Supplement Sales System allowed me to finally monetize my nutrition program, not only for supplement sales but also coupled with Rick's Registered Dietitian online meal planning and Jayson Hunter’s JayLab Pro supplements it saved me over 10 hours a week in orientation of new members.

Rick and Jayson lay everything out for you. Pre-written auto responders with amazing content around solid nutritional and supplementation advice – that is like a cattle prod getting your list/members to not only purchase but also upsell.

If you are considering purchasing the Ultimate Supplement Sales System but you are looking for any excuse why you can’t afford to spend the $$. I’m telling you…you can’t afford not to.

I was a little hesitant at first about offering a new line of products when we have been using another brand that I had touted and loved, I didn’t want to seem like I was jumping ship just to make more $$. However, Jayson wrote an amazing intro not only about him and the Jaypro Lab products, but I also edited the into letter/email to include myself and how our nutritional outlook aligned well, and that this new partnership would allow me to provide them higher service via the provided copy the system contains, allowing me more time to deal with program design, and weight loss goals.

I started the first email on a Sunday and by early Wednesday morning I already made $98 commission – and I did not have to stock ANY inventory. This was huge for me, as at times cash flow issues made it hard to keep my previous product stocked well. 

Not even 72 hours and $98 in commission - ZERO inventory…..Hell Yeah. I’ll take that.  

I also loved this program because it did not have the sell, sell, feeling of some of the MLM programs out there. (And let's be clear... The Ultimate Supplement Sales System is NOT a MLM program. It's two guys that are passionate about nutrition and helping fitness professionals make more money in their businesses.) We all know that supplements are crucial to SUPPLEMENT the dietary short comings but the 3 shakes a day and one meal is total bullshit. Jayson is all about food is first or like I tell my clients” food is king, supplements are only here to fill in the gaps.” This was a big one for me that Rick and Jayson both have the same philosophy. I could not be happier with my experience with Jayson Hunter and Rick Streb. Their level of commitment to building a full service, damn near plug and play system is amazing, - yet it is their quick reply to questions, customer service and their sincere desire for your success.

Walter Fleitz

"The Ultimate Supplement Sales System is a True Game-Changer."

The Ultimate Supplement Sales System gives me a great platform from which to educate my clients regarding supplementation and a really nice library of done-for-you educational articles that I can turn into blog posts, Facebook posts and newsletter articles.

If you want a “go to” person for nutrition questions and great back-end support with a supplement maker, Jayson provides both.

The USSS gives me tons of done-for-you articles and resources I can share with my clients. I love working with Jayson because he’s always willing to answer my nutrition questions and does so in a timely manner.

I love having an RD I can bounce questions off of.

Becky Williamson

"$80K in only 7 months!"

The Ultimate Supplement Sales System's approach to educating our members with good content and building in a quality protein powder like Jaylab Pro right into our programs has allowed me to earn almost $80,000 in revenue from supplement sales in just 7 months.  

This is the type of profit center that I LOVE!  

My clients are also loving all the great products because they are seeing results. I built the protein powder right into the programs we sell our members. The way in which this system works is ideal for building in a new profit center like this and it helps clients get results faster. They also come back and buy more from me because they love the taste. 

$80K in only 7 months! Who wouldn’t love that from just one simple to implement profit center? 

Shelton Matsey

"If Rick Streb is Putting His Name on This, You KNOW It's The Real Deal."

Hey Everyone. I snuck in the back door to Rick Streb's Ultimate Supplement Sales System and I've got to tell you... It is awesome! There is NOTHING like this in the industry. EVERYTHING is done for you! This is the first and ONLY program that actually shows you how to make money with supplement sales programming. It literally put the process of selling nutritional supplements on auto-pilot. 

With the Ultimate Supplement Sales System, you will easily get 10X the value of it's price. Don't miss out on this one. Just the amount of done-for-you content provided for you is worth the cost of this offer!

Besides, if Rick Streb is putting his name on this, you KNOW it's the Real Deal.

Fred Zoller
"The Easiest And Most Profitable Way To Separate Yourself From The Competition”
There are no shortage of other gyms and trainers in your area…I can almost guarantee it.

But it’s likely that almost all of them are focusing on the wrong things.

They’re spending their time selling 24 Hour Access or Unlimited Workouts.

They think that competing on price is the way to beat the competition, when in truth it’s simply a way to go broke.

They’re selling sessions, exercises and equipment.

But they’re missing the most obvious truth of all…

…People Just Want Results!
So if you can be the one business in your local market that not only gets this, but actually builds a business around it, people will beat a path to your door.

And you and I both know that to deliver extraordinary results time after time, you have to make nutritional supplements an integral part of your program.

You're Protected By Our Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee 
Not only will Jayson and I guarantee that the Ultimate Supplement Sales System is everything that I've said it is, but we’ll take it even one step further.

Take the entire course… every single part of it...

Get on all the live webinars.

Download all the resources and tools.

Go through everything, put it all to work.

Get on the phone and put US to work.

IMPLEMENT THE COURSE and apply it into your business.

(Yes... I expect you to implement the course before you say it doesn't work. The reason this course was created is because Jayson and I know most fitness pros purchase products, but never apply them to their business. So before you actually request a refund we want to know you've made an effort to implement the system.)

And then, after all that, if you’re not absolutely convinced that this was the best course ever offered on creating a supplement sales program that will easily generate substantial income for you, let us know and we’ll give you an immediate and full refund.

No questions asked.

Jayson and I are happy to do it because we are 100% confident you’re going to love this Course. There has never been anything like it in the fitness industry.
This System works. We guarantee it. If for one minute you disagree we’ll refund your investment immediately… all we ask is that you give it a fair shot. Fair enough?
It’s Yours For Just $197
When Jayson and I decided to release the Ultimate Supplement Sales System to other fitness professionals, we didn’t want the investment to be an obstacle.

With The Ultimate SupplementSystem we wanted to give you everything you need to deliver a highly effective and incredibly lucrative Supplement Profit Center that fits into your business model and the time you have available to implement it.

And we wanted to do all of that and still make it affordable.

Now, this $197 price will increase to $297 on Friday at Midnight, and at that investment it’s still an incredible value. You should easily be able to easily make back 10X your investment with the Ultimate Supplement Sales System in a very short period of time (you could make that in just a few days). But during the launch of the Ultimate Supplement System Jayson and I wanted to offer a special $100 discount for action takers who are ready to become a ‘results focused’ business and separate themselves from the competition.
This Exclusive Opportunity Ends At Midnight On Friday
Until then you can gain Instant Access to all  all 9 Ready-To-Use Tools that make up the Ultimate Supplement Sales System for just $197.  Everything you need to deliver a world-class Supplement Solution to your clients that also fits into your business in one easy to execute system.

Start separating yourself from the competition and enjoying all the benefits that a well-structured Supplement Sales System can provide to your business now.
Rick Streb
The Ultimate Supplement Sales System

P.S. – This is your chance to get our complete, plug-and-play Ultimate Supplement System for maximizing client results and dramatically increasing your business profits…

P.P.S. - Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to try the Ultimate Supplement Sales system and if you put it into action and don't get a return, I’ll give you two times your investment back.

There's NO WAY you can lose...

Click The “Add To Cart” Button To
Receive Your Exclusive Launch Price Of Just $197...
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